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Huber Tone Rings

Huber Banjos offers two superior flathead tone rings, both developed through many months of extensive research and testing. Either will perform brilliantly in an 11'' pot, and custom rings can be cut to fit specific rims, including archtop-to-flathead conversions.

The Vintage Flathead is the ring that first brought international attention to Huber back in 1998. The alloy used is an exact replica of the classic pre war Mastertone rings on the 1930s, as are the inner and outer dimensions. This is the ring used in our stock Huber Banjos.

Our new HR-30 ring takes the vintage reproduction concept to a whole new level. Further testing was done in 2010 to measure several properties of the pre war rings in addition to the alloy, resulting in the most transparently authentic pre war replica ever made. They are standard in the Huber Truetone models.

You can find out more about each of these rings by following the links below.

Vintage Flathead          HR-30

Drilling a Huber tone ring