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Huber Head
Huber Head mylar with heavy frosting Buy

Huber CapoLong time fans of the Remo brand banjo heads have often been heard to complain that "they don't make them like they used to!" Well... in this case, they are right.

During the 1970s, Remo was forced to modify the frosting that was applied to their heads in order to comply with evolving new environmental regulations. The resulting process applied a frosting that was thinner than before and serious and studious pickers were convinced that these new heads sounded differently as well.

After many years of saving old Remo heads whenever he came across them, Steve made arrangements with the company to manufacture a head for Huber with a thicker frosting. This new Huber/Remo head is very close to the older Remos that have been prized by banjo set up pros and afficianados.

These Huber/Remo heads are only available in a medium crown. In most cases, the medium crown is recommended for flathead banjos as a high crown can bottom out in the neck cavity before reaching the desired tension. Medium crown heads are installed on all new Huber Banjos.

Huber Head - $25